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Welcome to our culinary haven, where the Mediterranean sun meets gourmet delights. Our blog is your ticket to a world of mouthwatering experiences right from the heart of Mallorca, Soller, and Port de Soller. Dive into the art of Mediterranean cuisine with us as we share local secrets...
1 de April de 2024
Easter and the sweet tradition at the table
Let yourself be enveloped by the magic of Easter in Mallorca, where ancient traditions come to life through the irresistible flavours of "Crespells" and "Rubiols".
25 de March de 2024
We celebrate the Essence of Sóller Oranges in “Les Jornades de la Taronja”
We are excited to share our enthusiasm for the upcoming "Jornades de la Taronja de la Vall de Sóller", a vibrant celebration of the renowned valley oranges, taking place from April 12th to April 28th, 2024.
27 de September de 2023
The Red Shrimp of Soller a Gastronomic Delight
At Airecel Restaurant, we're excited to introduce you to one of the most iconic and delectable treasures of this coastal paradise - the Red Shrimp of Soller.
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